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Explore GPT Store Categories for Small Businesses

Discover new ways to empower your businesses.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • OpenAI's GPT Store offers diverse categories tailored to small business needs.

  • Some business categories include Writing GPTs for content creation and Productivity GPTs to increase efficiency.

Small businesses are constantly seeking tools that can help them stay competitive and efficient. One such groundbreaking tool is the easily growing world of AI-powered GPTs. There are a number of AI tools to choose from, but leading the way (currently) is OpenAI's GPT Store.

The GPT Store offers a range of categories. In today’s post we’ll explore a few GPT examples that may change the way your small businesses operates.

Note: To use GPTs, you must have access to ChatGPT Plus, which is $20 per month. For those of you who don’t have paid access, I included examples and screenshots.

If you don’t know what a GPT is, stop here and read our previous post, “Think Chatbots are Cool?”

The exact criteria and process for selecting featured GPTs can vary depending on OpenAI’s objectives of running the GPT Store. I suspect the apps featured are most popular, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a paid advertising space for GPT’s.

In the screenshot above, Canva’s GPT is featured. I’ve been waiting for Canva’s GPT to improve. I didn’t find earlier versions useful at all.

Here’s my results from a quick test.

My prompt: You're a content manager for wemergeAI. I need you to create an instagram carousel with 5 slides about openAi's gpt store. The first slide should be a click-bait style title. the next 3 slides should highlight 3 different trending gpt's for small business use. The final slide should be a call to action to follow wemergeAi for ai-related news for small business owners.

What did I get? 🥴

Instead of getting a carousel design with the copy written for me, I received a template suggestion. When I tried the Canva GPT before writing this post, I received a slide deck with multiple slides and prewritten copy. Here’s a link to see what the GPT wrote, click here.

There’s still work to be done with the Canva GPT. Ideally, you could instruct the Canva GPT to write the copy and provide a template in one swoop. I’ll spend more time engineering my prompt for that result. I’ll let you know when I create a good result.

Exploring Writing GPTs

Small business owners can significantly benefit from the writing category in the GPT store. I use ChatGPT daily to help me save time.

Here are a few use cases for using Writing GPTs:

  • Content Generation: Generate blog posts, articles, and website content. This can save time and maintain a consistent content schedule, essential for engaging customers.

  • Email Marketing: Generate attention-grabbing subject lines and persuasive email copy to increase open and click-through rates.

  • Product Descriptions: Create detailed and persuasive product descriptions that help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Social Media Posts: Generate engaging social media captions and posts, ensuring you maintain an active and appealing online image.

  • Press Releases and Announcements: Draft professional press releases and announcements for your business events, product launches, or milestones.

  • Editing and Proofreading: Help refine and polish your written content, ensuring it's error-free and professionally presented.

  • Blog Ideas and Headlines: If you're struggling to come up with fresh blog ideas, topic suggestions and catchy headlines.

Exploring the Productivity GPTs

The "Productivity" category is populated with GPTs designed to incorporate into your daily workflow. Some of these may require more technical skills, like familiarity with APIs, but these AI tools could help small business owners reduce manual tasks and dedicate more focus on strategic decision-making and growth opportunities.

Here are a few use cases for using Productivity GPTs:

  • Email Management: Stay on top of your inbox and ensure timely communication with customers, suppliers, and partners.

  • Meeting Scheduler: Assist in scheduling meetings, coordinating appointments, and sending out reminders to prevent scheduling conflicts.

  • Data Entry and Organization: Especially useful for businesses that deal with large amounts of data.

  • To-Do Lists and Reminders: Create to-do lists, set reminders, and provide task prioritization, helping you stay organized and meet deadlines.

  • Market Research: Assist in gathering and summarizing market data, competitor information, and customer insights for informed decision-making.

  • Document Summarization: Quickly summarize lengthy documents, reports, or articles, saving you time when conducting research.

  • Customer Support Automation: Automate responses to common customer inquiries, providing 24/7 support and freeing up staff for more complex issues.

  • Project Planning: Assist in creating project timelines, allocating resources, and generating project status reports, facilitating effective project management.

  • Proposal and Report Generation: Help in creating professional proposals, reports, and business plans, ensuring a polished and consistent presentation of your ideas.

These categories and examples showcase the versatility and effectiveness of AI-powered GPT models in various aspects of small business operations.

OpenAI's GPT Store is one of the leading destinations for AI solutions, but others are quickly entering the market. Visit OpenAI's GPT Store today to explore these categories on your own.

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